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Welcome to Amsterdam!

June 1-4, 2025

Come and join us at the 20th Believers Church Conference, June 1-4 2025 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands! We will celebrate 500 years of Anabaptist beginnings and reflect on what it means to work on ‘radical renewal’ in times of major crisis and systemic injustices, while anticipating in hope for the promised ‘new heaven and new earth’. It is a conference for academic theologians, students, pastors and all who want to celebrate Christian renewal in ecumenical perspective.

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Planning committee

    "The Amsterdam 2025 Believers’ Church Conference will be a unique opportunity to rethink and experience our hope as a global community of free churches, in a time prone to squeezing and choking the hope of people away."

    Prof. Dr. Henk Bakker

    Corresponding with the commemoration of the 500 years of the Anabaptist movement, the upcoming BBC promises to be an important space to come and discern together what a “Radical Renewal” entails in the world we live in today. Theology, ethics, and witness are meant to be revisited, challenged, and reimagined as part of this movement of renewal. Weather as a presenter or participant, joining in the next BCC conference will imply not only the possibility to learn from people with diverse backgrounds, locations, and experiences but also to contribute and help shaping how this “Radical Renewal” can be understood and embodied.

    Dr. Andrés Pacheco Lozano